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Times have changed since the Great War, and yet, nothing has changed. Nothing has changed where the men of the world fought over gold, land, and greed; now, they kill innocent players for money, drugs, guns, and entertainment. Blood is being spilled throughout the five remaining States at a rate that has not been seen since Beta. There is a fine line between the law and being above the law. The cartels, mafias, terrorists, and griefers are the new threat to freedom. As the official government of Red Dead Online, we will ensure that justice prevails and that those who have been dishonored will once again be honored. The day of reckoning is here, and hell is coming with it. Welcome to the New World Order: The United Empire.

The United Empire is focused on ridding the online community of any and all players and communities that seek to grief the experience of other online players and communities. It is high time that peace be restored to the world of online gaming!

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